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“Trust, ethics and prudence — the cornerstones of being a fiduciary.”

“We founded Horizon Wealth Management to tackle the total financial picture of affluent individuals and their families, guided by unwavering good judgment and sound financial advice.

As a 100% independent private wealth management firm comprised of Investment Advisor Representatives, we work as team to build effective financial plans and investment portfolios in sync with your goals.

Our efforts are supported by a highly knowledgeable client support team and a network of tax, legal and estate planning experts, so we can deliver a full-service, integrated advisory practice attuned to the needs of our affluent clients.

More than just an asset management firm

The guidance we offer at Horizon Wealth Management enables our clients to pursue order and clarity in their financial lives — often for the first time. As a result, they can implement strategies to preserve, grow and ultimately transfer their wealth in a way aligned to their wishes.

More than just an asset management firm, our practice blends intricate tax planning, estate planning, business succession planning, retirement planning and income replacement solutions into a client’s financial plan.

Over time, we’ve acquired tremendous wisdom, experience and recognition through all types of market cycles with our clients. We look forward to helping more clients strive towards their financial goals, with the trust, ethics and prudence that define the fiduciary standard.

Finding a Financial Advisor is an Art and a Science

Choosing a financial advisor is a pivotal decision. As you meet with different firms, you’ll notice different styles, potential strengths and weaknesses, and varying approaches to your unique situation.

We know this process is important and we appreciate the opportunity to get to know each other better. Our goal with every new client is to become a valued and significant part of their lives. Through our actions, words, education and guidance, we strive to demonstrate who we are, what we’re capable of and to earn that role of significance and value.”