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Investment Leadership

When your investments are placed under management, they become subject to the highest standard of care in support of your individualized investment strategy.

At Horizon, we conduct extensive investment research and meet regularly to chart a course that maintains the strength and effectiveness of our firm’s investment portfolio.

The Horizon Investment Committee

Should we own international? Do we want more large cap or small cap exposure? What types of bonds should we have and how much?

The answers to these questions and more are determined by the Horizon Wealth Management Investment Committee, comprised of our managing partners and additional investment professionals.

Meeting regularly, our Committee taps into top industry research, as well as the rigorous research conducted at our firm. We use this research to analyze and debate potential changes. Then, we agree on a plan to maintain and further develop the strength of our portfolio — so we can determine what makes sense for yours.

Research-based decisions

We conduct thorough analysis in three major areas:

Fundamental Research — Fundamental analysis drives all our capital allocation decisions. This research method attempts to evaluate an investment’s intrinsic value by examining relevant economic, financial and other qualitative and quantitative factors.

Technical Research — Unlike fundamental analysis, technical analysis focuses primarily on price movement to evaluate an investment’s strength or weakness and forecast future price changes.

Behavioral Research — Here, we analyze market behavior, using psychological principles of decision making to explain why people buy and sell investments.

The Horizon Investment Continuum

At Horizon Wealth Management, our oversight of every investment begins with our Investment Committee, and continues with ongoing due diligence across all client portfolios.