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RIA: What's in a Name?

In the aftermath of the Great Depression, the Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA) model came into being to provide regulated, independent investment advice that can arise when those providing that advice also sell investment products.

RIAs may offer advice for a fee, but cannot be paid on the sale or purchase of securities. They must adhere to strict protocols in managing client assets. They are bound by fiduciary duty to their clients, which means they’re obligated to act in their clients’ best interests.

Transparency is just the beginning

At Horizon, the fiduciary standard is where our advantage starts. We distinguish our practice with a rigorous investment approach and exclusive client service levels. Our 5 Pillars of Advisory Services form the foundation of our practice, guiding all of our decisions.

We do all this because we believe a firm operating in a fiduciary capacity is only as good as the processes behind it that strive to create not just transparency, but success. We invite you to contact us today and find out more about how these processes can help you reach your own financial goals.