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The 7-Step Horizon Planning Process

Important components of financial planning include preparing for retirement and saving for your child's college education. Based on each client's financial situation and goals, we at Horizon Wealth Management can recommend quality strategies for these services.

Identify Your Goals & Resources

We conduct an in- depth discussion with you regarding your goals, family history and preferences.

Analyze Your Current Financial Picture

We review your current financial situation, including net worth and cash flow, investments, insurance, taxes, estate plans and savings.

Establish Financial Objectives

We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current financial status.

Create Individual Strategies to Work Towards Attaining Your Overall Goals

The strategic planning phase, this step creates savings, investment, insurance and tax strategies for retirement and other financial goals.

Build a Customized Investment Portfolio

In your portfolio, we address specific needs laid out in the plan.

Monitor Investment Environment

Using sophisticated analytic techniques, we make tactical shifts in your portfolio to address risk and enhance potential performance.

Provide Proactive Communication and Ongoing Financial Planning 

Our services include an annual investment review, financial workshops and 24/7 access to account data through WealthVision.

Comprehensive Financial Planning for Short- and Long-Term Goals

Comprehensive financial planning involves looking at one's complete financial picture and developing strategies to pursue the client's goals. At Horizon Wealth Management, we understand that everyone's financial objectives are different, which is why we create customized plans.

Process of Financial Planning

To create a strategy that works for our clients, we sit down with each one and discuss what is most important. For some, that may be focusing on retirement, while for others, this may be funding their child's college savings account. We discuss both short- and long-term goals so that we understand the big picture for each client.

Once we know what our clients' values are, we review all their finance-related information. This includes: 

Income Streams & Assets

Spending Habits & Risk Tolerance

Expenses & Debts

Retirement Accounts


Based on the information, we recommend how you can best approach financial strategies to help work towards your goals.

Benefits of Having a Financial Plan

No matter how young you are, or where you are in your career, it is always a good idea to begin looking at your finances and making a plan for your future. Some of the advantages of having a plan include protecting your assets, increasing your income and net worth, providing for retirement, minimizing taxes and efficiently distributing assets.

Let Horizon Wealth Management Help

Our financial advisors are ready to help you develop a sustainable financial plan. Contact us online or at 708-352-4300.

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